Nail Trim

At home nail trims provide a calm experience for all involved!


About the service

Dog and cat nails grow continuously, just like ours do. However, nail trimming is often an overlooked aspect of pet care, which can have serious implications on your pet's overall health and mobility. Also, giving your own pet a nail trim can be a very stressful experience!

  • Long nails that are constantly touching the ground put pressure on the nail bed resulting in pain for the animal
  • They can make walking uncomfortable resulting in awkward locomotive and posture, which can lead to conditions like arthritis
  • For Cats, overgrown nails will curl around and grow back into the skin of the food which is very painful, and could lead to infection
  • Cats with long nails are also at risk of having the nail ripped out when they get caught on things like bedding, cloths and fabric

What's included?

We appreciate that having a nail trim might not be your pet's favourite activity, and maybe a little uncooperative! Also, if you are nervous about carrying out the procedure on your pet, it will lead them picking up on your anxiety - making it a miserable experience for everyone! Our Nail Trim service is available for both cat's and dog's, and carried out by our experienced vet nurses in the comfort of your own home.

  • Available for both cat's and dogs
  • Depending on activity levels and lifestyle, we recommend every 6-8 weeks
  • Our vet nurses can show you how to trim your pets nails
  • Additional nail trims are just $25 each
  • Every trim ends with a treat!

How long does this appointment take?

Nail trims take around 15mins to complete.

How often should I get my pet's nails trimmed?

We recommend between every 6-8 weeks

I would like to learn how to trim my pets nails. Can you teach me?

Yes! Our Vet Nurses can guide you through the right techniques and build confidence to trim nails yourself.

Where can I buy the right tools for trimming my pets nails?

You can buy them directly from out website! Simply go to our store.