Pet Health Check

We examine your pet from nose to tail for lumps, bumps and anything unusual!


About the service

Knowing and understanding what illnesses and conditions our pets might is the key is the longevity of life. Pet Health checks are often one of the most important tools pet owners can use to detect, treat and manage chronic illness. Our pets age several years faster than we do, so their bodies are rapidly changing. When pet's reach their senior years a Health Check is recommended every 6-12 months to ensure we early detection of illness, making it easier to treat.

  • We check your furry-friend from nose to tail!
  • After the examination we discuss any potential illness and any concerns you may have
  • If we do have any concerns, we may recommend you to follow-up with your veterinarian

What's included?

This service is available for both cat and dog, this service generally take about 30mins where our experienced Vet Nurses undertake:

  • A thorough inspection at any potential dental issues and general oral health
  • Examine your pets body condition looking for any lumps, bumps or signs of infection
  • Check the condition of the skin and fur, eyes and ears and any signs of flea
  • Weigh your pet and review their diet, and recommend any changes

Do you administer vaccinations?

No. Veterinary Nurses are currently unable to independently administer vaccinations in New Zealand. Please see your veterinarian.

I have an emergency with my pet, can you come to see my pet?

No. If your pet is having a medical emergency please visit your veterinarian immediately.

Do you prescribe any medication for pets?

No. Please visit your veterinarian who can advise if your pet requires medication.

How often should my pet get a health check?

For pets aged up to 7-years we recommend every 12-months. For senior pets, we recommend every 6-12 months.